Our newly publish book, PeaceBike: The Journals – Tales of Generosity, Friendship, and Seeds of Peace Along the Backroads of the World is now available in hardbackpaperback (from lulu.com), and ebook formats.  Grab a book and settle in for a ride!

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The Prep Ride – One Year Before Send-off

The PeaceBike Prep Ride: The Oregon Coast, August and September 1998 (Tad)The Coastal Journey, August 26 It was great having Bozeb take me up to Astoria. We had a good time talking and laughing about past camping trips and Chris Farley movies. I decided I wanted to start at the Astoria Column so we headed…


For many of you, this greeting is “Welcome Back to PeaceBike!” Thousands of people have been a part of the PeaceBike story in so many ways – volunteering, supporting, joining a Ride- Along, inviting the PeaceBikers into their schools and homes, writing pen pal and classroom letters, and especially by following the journey as it…

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