About PeaceBike

PeaceBike is an ┬┤edu-venture┬┤ around the world for peace.

PeaceBike is a educational non-profit organization started in 1999 to connect young people around the world to each other so that their friendships
build a peaceful future for us all.

From 1999-2002, Tad Beckwith and others traveled through 25 countries by bike and shared their journeys online in order to increase cross-cultural awareness.

PeaceBike builds peace through connecting people.

We visit students ranging from preschool to high school, connecting them with pen pals, conducting interviews, sharing visions for peace, and telling tales from our journeys.

PeaceBike has presented to over 10,000 students and connected more than 1030 new pen pals from more than 20 countries!

PeaceBikers have traveled a combined distance of over 30,000 kms (by bike) through the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Nepal, India, Italy (that makes five continents), with Frank also visiting Tunisia. Way back before Facebook or Youtube, we documented the journey in video clips, photos, interviews, and journals for our online community (Friends of PeaceBike) to share and learn from.

PeaceBike, a non-profit organization with U.S. federal tax-exempt status, is supported financially through contributions from schools, businesses, families, and individuals.